Watching Women

I signed a pledge to watch 52 films made by women over a year: a film a week. I am excited about it and especially because I have at least one partner with whom I can talk about the films.

Kenyan films have quite a number of women in their credits; an accident of time and place I have heard it said. However, it sometimes feels like once they’re shown in theatres, they’ll disappear into film ether. I’d love to re-watch them for this challenge and I’d be glad to be directed to them.

Join the ride by signing up here and tweet me so I know we’re in this together.


2 thoughts on “Watching Women”

  1. That’s one a week–do books written by women that have screen adaptions count?
    Just a rhetorical question. Either way, it’s a good exercise to fill one’s brain with art, visual or written. Brava!


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