Time and feminism

I’ve talked about my feminism before and I was having this conversation with someone recently. It feeds into my thoughts on feminism in the real world.

This article was what got me having that conversation. The idea that time is a feminist issue; that the question is whose time it is is also an issue for me. The author has a passing comment about it but I feel it’s very relevant in this context.

If one identifies as a feminist, then they probably know the conversations about how solidarity is for white women. I sometimes say that the People of Colour in this country are poor people and this idea made me wonder how this figures in Kenya.

In the case of a lot of women of a certain class: Is your feminism for your househelp? Do you give her a fair wage, an enabling work environment, time off?

If time is a feminist issue, how does one live their feminism?


5 thoughts on “Time and feminism”

  1. Time is a racial and a class issue. It’s all of these things at the same time. I want us to liberate all women – and, like you said, what I see happening in White Feminism is that only the concerns and burdens of professional white women get considered. That’s why I invited women to submit their essays to an anthology. I am hoping we can get a better picture of the intersectional realities of time as a feminist issue.

    I’m glad you read my piece and wrote this one!

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  2. Well said–it is a feminist issue. I don’t employ a housekeeper, but…
    A healthy relationship is one in which a male is just as accountable for time’s fair distribution as his female counterpart (i.e., he must accept his role in keeping a household–yes, housekeeping, a livelihood, a.k.a. financial support thereof, child rearing, etc.) Life is time consuming and a woman should not have to forfeit her life or her time for lack of support.

    Perhaps this post supports the argument…https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/56600351/638


    1. Thank you so much for leading me to the post! It was such a great, and succinct, argument for male participation in the home (relevant to most- ie hetero – relationships) and I hope this is a conversation that can continue.

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  3. I believe it can apply to any relationship–hetero or otherwise. It’s my contention that everyone under one roof must assume responsibility for being part of the team. It just so happens that raising young men sometimes makes my feminist commentary sound a little militant. It’s just me taking my job too seriously, but I’m sure I’d be the same if God had blessed me with raising young women too.


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