Gearing up

Laila and I are excited it’s January because it means #Ed10Chat is coming up. Previously called #Ed10Reads, it’s been renamed to reflect all the different ways we talk about education; including reading about it. The hashtag is a nifty way for us to tweet about education-related matters in a way that leaves crumbs for those who share the passion or are interested.

This month’s #Ed10Chat meeting centres on how to foster dialogue between those in the education sector (teachers, administrators, policymakers) and those who seek to innovate for education. We know that it can sometimes become an echo chamber on both ends and firmly believe that we can do great things together.

We’ll be sending out details of the location of the event soon. Before then, mark your calendars for the 28th of this month and tweet using #Ed10Chat when you want to signpost cool education stuff.

See you then!


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