I’m so happy

My mom and I called the father of a child I taught in 2009 when he was in Class 2 to enquire about his KCPE results. I was in university then and I was teaching English skills. In 2012, after my last exam, I taught that class again and enjoyed seeing how much they’d grown.

When I started teaching his class, most of them were functionally illiterate. I loved taking them through ‘Sound and Read’ and taking them out of the lot the Uwezo Report speaks of.

He was one of the star pupils and it gave me great pleasure to find out he had scored 356 marks our of a possible 500. He was top of the class and his highest mark was 82% in English.

I spent many afternoons reading to and with that class. For English to be his top subject was such a pleasure and some vindication for those moments.

There’s hope for education in this country. I am looking forward this year to working towards making fun, transformative education available to all children. This was a wonderful way to start the year.


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