The February Edition of #Ed10Chat

Happens tomorrow. It would have happened on the last Thursday of February but couldn’t for a host of reasons. I’m excited about  it because we’ll be discussing something I am curious and, in a way, passionate about.

I have been thinking lately about framing education as what I see it as: a phenomenon at the confluence of numerous policies (land, tax, energy &c). In this case, this falls at the intersection of food policy and the provision of education facilities. Around the world, states feed a number of children over lunch – and sometimes breakfast – and I’m keen to learn more about how this works in Kenya.

Just yesterday, my favourite Portuguese speaker sent me this link about the African Day of the School Meal and Nestle’s involvement in Angola. It was a strange, yet sensible, discovery for me. I’ve always thought of school feeding as the province of national government and players such as WFP. This article is just one of the many points of conversation tomorrow; I hope you can attend it. Get your ticket here if you haven’t yet and see you then.



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