Gender + Education

I just came from a wonderful session on the place of gender in the ongoing curriculum reforms. I feel heady because of all the possibilities available to us.

As a founder of the Ed10 Consortium, this issue
is close to my heart. It’s telling the the two times I’ve been out after 7pm this week, I’ve been at an education-related forum (Spire Education’s monthly EdTech forum yesterday & the Heinrich Boll Foundation’s event today).

I feel certain things about education (and I’ve shared my vision on this very blog) and today it hit me that I need to give some thought to the question of gender in the delivery of education. This is something to share with the rest of the Ed10 Community, of course, but also one to meditate upon.

Another thing that happened today: I spoke clearly before people about my work & the community Ed10 has built up in the year it has been in existence. I think one Priyanka DeSouza would be proud; I have her and the wonderful people at Ed10 who have motivated me to get past my anxieties to thank.


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