Got skills?

The wonderful Priyanka deSouza took me to Kibera today. Calm down, everyone, I’ve been there before. We went to Kibera Girls’ Soccer Academy (KGSA) in Makina Village to pitch Raspberry Pis (if you’ve met Priyanka, you know she’s Pi-mad) to the kids. While there, we learnt a lot about the genesis of the school, the kids it educates, and all the things they get up to.

The KGSA high school has skills training on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in a bid to equip the girls with tools for life after school. They train them in art, tech, photography, journalism, catering, martial arts, drama and much more besides.

Here’s where you come in: They would love to have more skilled people volunteer their time and skills to the groups they have (form new ones, even!) and it might be a fantastic opportunity for people with a wide variety of skills to pass them on.

These kids are brilliant; they shoot films, learn how to code, make money from photography that supports the school, draw, paint, make meals, box, act, you name it. If you have these skills, or skills you’re itching to share, get in touch with KGSA online or drop me a note – cmutanyi@gmail.com – so we can do great things.


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