The week ahead

That’s a strange title to have as Monday draws to an end, maybe. Just a reminder to myself that the week will be interesting (and an open invitation to those who’d be happy to come along).

25th – 28th of this month sees a host of African Futures events around the city. Beverly, my co-host on the literary podcast Two Girls And A Pod, & I are especially excited about the book-related things that will come of them.

Thursday is the day of the first #Ed10Reads meeting at Spire Education & you can tell I’m excited. I think it will be an exciting event and I look forward to seeing those of you interested in education at Spire (6pm-8pm) or on Twitter. 🙂

Laila Le Guen and I love to read and that led to us starting LGM Editing. To celebrate our website launch (12.30pm-1pm on Friday), and start off the weekend, we’re going to have a show-and-tell event at iHub where we are community members. Come and find out what two editors who span continents and languages have to offer.

The week may yet serve up more delights…

Note: This post is part of #CuminWrites366, my year-long attempt to write a post a day. Find the rest over at readability.com/cuminwrites/

Questions, comments, suggestions or post-event plans? Send them to cuminwrites@gmail.com 🙂


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